"I thought I could make Eric's home look a lot better, but once I got there, I asked him to come to my home!" --Michaelangelo (a happy customer)

How a Back Wheel Can Defeat Evil

Teeny pains turn to soft hate

[ car traffic, unclean house, loss of money ]

Does Good Pain Take out Bad Vibes?


When bad stuff comes out of us, it comes in puke. Not fun. 

Bring Light to the Darkness of the Night

Who else uses it now? 

Who is someone I respect or at least see as some sort of filter having filtered this?

From the Bottom to the Top of Back Strength

Will Your Back Pop?

Highly Demanded All Over the World


USA, China, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Germany, France

Cut of cruelty at the root---Never settle

[  ]

The 3 Body Types The Wheel is Currently Bending Straight

C body J body F body

 3 ways the wheel reduces ugliness in the world

The path, the stance, the circle

Nothing More Noble then a Human Being doing everything they can to stand up straighter. It's not just about the pain. It's about the life you have past the pain. What are you going to be for that? 

The Wheel Can Be a Weapon Against the Enemy

Hangs on Wall, wear as necklace, floor height coffee table legs, 

Be ready to fight for yourself

flying wheel, bowling wheel, help someone else with pain

Be ready to stand for others

 [give money] [carry people across the river] [jump high to climb up a building to save a kid ]

Simple but strong

soft back, strong enough for 500 lbs

The Problems Others Have Had

"Minor but noticeable spot where the plastic was molded but its works for me so far and I'm a bigger guy (240lbs). I wouldn't try to balance my full weight on it but it work for backbends and stuff... overall good for the price."

"Good device. Not much to go wrong with. However, I feel it would be good to have models that give you the option to have a larger diameter, larger width and more padding on the rubber coating."

"The width is a little thin so it digs into my back and after the first use, the logo and name rolled off onto my back. That being said, it's very sturdy feeling and the cushion on it feels nice. I've already noticed a difference with some of my poses. Thank you!"


You get a Great stretch from this wheel. My only voice of caution is be careful of your balance while on it. It is fine rolling up and down, but any kind of twisting action can topple you and the wheel. Personal experience............."


So I am a total yoga enthusiast , love anything that helps bend , stretch, push and pull...this is a cool product , but it came with NADA, no instruction manual, noth-ing..... I know I can go on YouTube and see what everybody does with this tire rim thingy, but I'm old school(48yrs old) I like a manual...so for this I'm giving it 4....."

The Wheel Zone on the Back

Standing on the Wheel

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